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And not a single stomach-ache!

I'm so happy I found this community! Just yesterday I threw together a bunch of random munchies when I was burnt, and was wishing there was a place I could post them to. Here goes:

Using left-over chinese take-out rice (that shit never goes bad if it's been in the fridge!), I cut up 2 key-limes and squeezed the pulp/juice in a bowl with like, half a container of rice. Covered that with double-thickness paper towel, microwaved it for a minute and a half. THEN I added: butter,tobasco, salt/pepper, curry powder, and poured some extra-virgin olive oil over the whole thing just for the hell of it. SPECTACULAR.

Wasn't done munching out...SO THEN:

Bowl of cheerios with skim milk, honey, and Hershey's cocoa powder dashed over it. I really wanted to add some raisons or fruit, and cinnamon, but couldn't find any. It was really yummy though.
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