Kitty (danielnkitty) wrote in munchie_food,

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Good idea!!

Anyone wondering what they wanna munch on try a grilled cheese sandwitch cut into triangles (presentation makes it that much better!!) it's the shiz nit!


P.S. By the way I'm new here so Hi to everyone!!
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Heyyy welcome to here, hahaha. Sorry I'm a little high right now. Marijuana is great and so are grilled cheese sandwiches when you got the munchis, its really good to with Ramen Noodles if you like those. Just thought I'd help out with the munchie factor!
dud I could never make that HIGH I get lazy.
I need food NOW when I get the munchies. SO more power to you, ambitious stoner lol
Yea well for some reason I'm the type who cleans instead of relaxing when I'm stoned. Also we don't have very many things to eat right away but we live, lol